About Us

01 — We're a different type of fitness

Why should I become part of the Tribe?

90Fit by GoTRIBE is a fitness and wellness company specializing in on demand and live-streaming workouts, nutritional coaching, stress management and our own unique fitness data tracking app and software. Our passion for what we do is founded on the meaningful and long-lasting relationship we create with you, being your encouragement through the hard times and your friend through the great times. Our coaches’ dedication to you goes way beyond a “session”, instead we help you integrate processes and solutions that improve every part of your life. From nutrition to stress management, from workouts to sleep, we got you covered!

02 — We stand by our values

The Four Pillars of 90Fit by GoTRIBE


“The mind is a powerful thing. It can take you through walls.”

― Denis Avey

Studies show the mind has ultimate control over the body. We focus first on moving our members into a place of mental strength and stability before the physical. Included in our membership services are a few personality quizzes so we can best pair you with the appropriate trainer or health coach.


“Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.”

― Aldous Huxley

GoTRIBE has partnered with the biggest educational platforms in the world to provide our Tribe Trainers with the very best and effective training styles available. We believe movement should be taught as non-linear, constantly challenging and always progressing. All movements are taught using GoTRIBE’s heart rate monitoring app to specifically individualize personal progress.


“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

― Hippocrates

Our easy-to-understand 5 phase program easily navigates our members through healthy and life changing choices. A health coach is always available to help you through the often confusing and complicated process of healthy eating.


“Rest when you’re weary. Refresh and renew yourself, your body, your mind, your spirit. Then get back to work.”

— Ralph Marston

Without rest and recovery, all other pillars are worthless. We gauge sleep and stress levels and proactively create recovery plans for all our members for the best results! Because of how the body repairs itself during rest, we emphasize a healthy rest routine with all our members.

Space Is Limited, Book Now.

Because of the extensive and in-depth health and fitness services we provide, we can only offer 25 slots per month to ensure we keep quality as priority. Space is limited, start for FREE by chatting with a 90Fit health coach.

The Team

Co Founder Chris Hodges

I co founded GoTRIBE in 2015. I’ve been a touring and studio musician and fitness professional for over 15 years. I created GoTRIBE in response to my own personal weight loss/mental health journey and the failing, impersonal and downright immoral fitness industry that takes advantage of people who are searching for answers. After being a part of corporate fitness and watching tens of thousands of people throw away precious time, money and energy on “impersonal/immoral” personal training practices, I decided to start his own brand of fitness. The tagline: “Results Through Relationships” 

After opening 3 GoTRIBE fitness studio locations along with winning an award from the city of Los Angeles for small business of the year, I turned my attention to fitness data tracking technology and On Demand fitness services to enhance and scale the success people were finding with GoTRIBE. In 2019 I launched 90Fit, an affordable app version of GoTRIBE, and can be seen in Forbes Magazine, Small Business Administration success stories of the year and many more publications discussing his success bringing the “personal” back to fitness. 

Customer Satisfaction Manager Juliana Sigthorsdottir

For years I’ve struggled with anxiety, stress, and self worth. I would use fitness as a punishment for what I ate or how I felt. I was always that “skinny fat” where you can pull off “the look” in clothes but there was always the soft rolls, muffin tops in jeans, and of course the dreaded fat arm in tanks. My weight would fluctuate and I would feel shame about the way I looked so I would hit the treadmill and eat nothing but greens. Of course this didn’t last very long and the anxiety of not being good enough to stick to a routine would settle in and I would reach for the foods that would trigger the happy feeling even if it was for a short time. This yo-yo way of workouts and nutrition kept my stress and anxiety levels at a high. Then came the frustration of the stubborn belly fat not leaving, living in a constant state of anxiety, and fatigue from the daily stress. At my heaviest I weighed in at 174 pounds and 28 percent body fat. Even though I was already a trainer and had helped many people while working in corporate fitness, things still didn’t sit right. I was working in a culture of shame and guilt. This was torture for not only my clients but also on my own personal goals. No one can truly find any relief in that kind of high stress environment. I didn’t truly discover what health and fitness could be until I started working for GoTRIBE. GoTRIBE looks at people as human beings with struggles and not just a number. This is a place of love and belonging. With building positive relationships to the methodology of fitness and nutrition the results came! Working with a team like this teaches you a better way to look at nutrition and fitness. You build a positive relationship with food, the style of workouts that work best for you. I gave myself a goal of trying this for a solid 90 days because I was also preparing for an obstacle course race. Putting in the time and energy into this methodology I was able to finally dial in my goals and focus! I dropped 2 pant sizes going from a 8 to a size 6! The pounds melted off and I’m now at 155 and went from 27 percent body fat down to 20 percent and I could finally see those abs! My anxiety and stress has leveled out and I don’t have those exhausted days anymore. By going through this journey it has helped me understand this road from a client’s perspective. I know how hard this can be. I know the daily struggle of feeling shame when you look in the mirror when putting on those jeans. I know the self doubt. My stress and anxiety is now under control and I have been able to grow from a trainer, to a single studio manager, to running 3 studios as an area manager, and now while still running 3 locations to being able to ensure your results with 90FIT! As the Client Success Manager it’s my job to ensure you achieve success! 

GoTRIBE Co Owner Karlos Galvan

I struggled for a long time feeling like I was overweight, didn’t feel healthy and made up for the lack of confidence with my personality. I have worked in the fitness industry since I was 18 and I was selling memberships to other and helping them achieve their goals. The problem was, I wasn’t achieving my goals, I wasn’t confident enough and disciplined enough to stick to a program. I always focused on quick fixes without sustainable results. I would gain more weight and feel more off by the day. I was stressed, ate out a lot and wasn’t paying attention to what I put into my body. I would hide in a shirt one size too big or sweatshirts because to me that’s what made me the most comfortable and secure. At my heaviest I was 270. I developed a hiatal hernia which wouldn’t allow me to keep food down. This was caused by stress and weight gain. I was so sick at one point that I was afraid I had cancer or another serious disease. All I could literally keep down was brown rice and chicken. I had to completely change my eating habits, what I drank and most importantly my outlook on my personal goals. I would ask myself. How have I allowed myself to look and feel this way when all day everyday i’m selling a belief to others to start their personal fitness story? I would sit in my car and just cry, why can’t I do this for myself? 

I finally decided to take control of my life instead of letting these bad habits control me. I started working out during my lunch breaks on my own, then started using a heart rate monitor to track results which led to personal training. I worked out with my trainer 4x per week and 1x on my own. My stress and anxiety went away, my weight went down and most importantly my sense of belonging came back. I now was able to genuinely educate others on what i’m doing to get results, how it has helped me and why I did it. Ironically it helped me execrate my career and change more lives in the gym. I finally had control of my life again, I ate better, I worked out more and most importantly I was able to sleep so much better. This truly helped me relate and better understand what looks like. I am the client. I was able to go from 270 to 215 lbs. I now maintain a weight of 220-223 and I’ve never been more confident. I now truly understand what feeling good is about. My journey has not only helped me personally but also helped me live my dream come true and becoming a fitness studio owner. My weight loss journey became life changing.

Space Is Limited, Start For Free NOW.

Because of the extensive and in-depth health and fitness services we provide, we can only offer 25 slots per month to ensure we keep quality as priority. Space is limited, start for FREE by chatting with a 90Fit health coach.