License 90Fit For Your Gym or Studio

- Increase Retention And Community

Our fitness technology has generated income, increased traffic and strengthened the communities of gyms, boxes and studios since 2014. The 90Fit technology was created to motivate members and clients inside the gym, and keep them connected outside the gym.

- Virtual Fitness... Anytime, Anywhere

The need for a 24/7 virtual fitness solution has quickly gone from an afterthought to a full on necessity. The 90Fit platform connects trainers to their clients via in-app communications, On Demand workout videos, nutrition logging and sleep/stress monitoring. This creates more engagement from the client, and requires less hands-on labor from the trainer.

- Create Supplemental Income For Gyms and Trainers

90Fit technology was build as a low cost, low human touch retention and engagement tool that enhances personal training and gym memberships. Contact us today about licensing our technology for your gym, studio or fitness company.


The App

Your members simply download your branded app to select their virtual health coach and workout programs.



Your trainers receive a notification that someone selected them as a coach! After that, coaches begin to message their clients directly through the app to communicate direction and encouragement!


Health Data Analytics

Health coaches have access to all their clients’ health data. From workout frequencies and calories burned to food/sleep and stress logs and measurements.



Create meaningful and lasting connection as well as results for your members.

02 — WHY 90Fit?

Why license 90Fit?

I have watched our technology evolve and transform into full service fitness solutions that help change peoples lives every day. We always test our feature sets on our own clientele first, making sure this increases relationship, engagement and revenue. Now, I want 90Fit to help our industry. From trainers to fitness studios to big box gyms, I believe this is a time to unite all different forms of fitness while creating a deeper connection with people who are struggling to get results.


Chris Hodges

CEO and co founder

Contact us to discuss 90Fit for your gym.