Our Process

01 — We're a different type of fitness

Welcome to 90Fit by GoTRIBE

Our passion for what we do is founded on the meaningful and long-lasting relationship we create with you, being your encouragement through the hard times and your friend through the great times. Our coaches’ dedication to you goes way beyond a “session”, instead we help you integrate processes and solutions that improve every part of your life. From nutrition to stress management, from workouts to sleep, we got you covered!

02 — We stand by our values

Once you start, this will be your process.

Before You Begin

It’s very important to us that your experience is centered around you, your goals and what you want to accomplish. Please take the Personality and Love Language quizzes to help us better understand who you are, your history and how you feel appreciated and empowered. Our coaches will ask you about the quiz results, and this will help them coach you more effectively!

Meeting Your Health Coach

Every 90Fit member receives a dedicated health coach along with the membership. Your health coach is your friend, coach and accountability partner. They help you create goals and assist with workout options, and they are also available outside of the workout to coach you through nutrition, sleep and stress management as well. They are just a text message away!

What’s TO23?

TO23 stands for “the other 23 hours of the day”. We believe it’s not only the work done in the session that counts, but also how you are managing your workouts away from the gym, your nutrition, sleep and stress as well. We created 90Fit to help you manage TO23 alongside your dedicated health coach. Through the app, you can log every workout you complete using a bluetooth heart rate monitor (earning an auburn ring), you can log your food (earning an orange ring), and you can track stress levels (earning a pink ring) and you can track your sleep (earning a purple ring). Your health coach will be reviewing your calendar and guiding you through your fitness journey. We want your 90Fit app calendar to be full of multi-colored rings, an active calendar is a more successful 90Fit member!

Ready to get started? Let’s go.