Creating a workforce free of preventable disease.

01 — How your business needs fitness

42% of all health care costs are directly linked to diet and lifestyle.

The World Health Organization states that obesity alone costs Americans $147B per year, and healthcare costs are 81% higher than healthy adults.


Employers are now responsible for over 72% of all healthcare costs.

To be a competitive employer, companies are turning to more health care coverage than ever before. 


Health care costs are unsustainable for employers.

Health benefit costs are still rising at two times the rate of wage increases and three times general inflation, “making this [cost] trend unaffordable and unsustainable over the long term,” Brian Marcotte, NBGH president and CEO, said at an Aug. 7 press conference in Washington, D.C.

01 — Our solution

GoTRIBE Virtual Health Coaching App!


Created based on our successful processes and technologies used at our fitness studios in Los Angeles, CA, we have designed a solution for every small, medium and large corporation to help lower health care costs and increase company culture.


Our App

Your employees simply download our app to select their virtual health coach and workout programs.


Our Connection

Your employees receive direct access to an actual human! They build a virtual relationship with their health coach to help them along their fitness journey.


Our Data Analytics

Along with our certified health coaches, the GoTRIBE app uses machine learning and AI to assist in solutions and progression toward health and wellness.


Your Results

We provide overall results of our program to you, and connect these results to areas of your business like stress related absences, obesity related health care costs and health care utilization.


Your company is our customer.

On average, GOTRIBE has saved small business employers over $17,000 in annual health care costs. We have a dedicated team researching program data analytics to ensure our product is positively influencing your bottom line.

03 — Flexible membership options for your employees

Lower stress related absences, health care liabilities and increase company culture.

Customize your employee wellness packages to your specific needs, company size, and budget. Convenience is key, so we’ve built our packages with flexibility.

Pay As You Go & Flat Rate Options

Customize your employee wellness packages to your specific needs, company size, and budget.

As Low as $10 Per Employee

Every GoTRIBE member receives the following benefits:

— GoTRIBE Workout Plans
— Virtual Health Coach
— Stress Assessments & Management
— Complimentary Fitness Data Tracking App
— Access to Online Workouts 24/7

On Demand Fitness At Your Fingertips

Convenience is key. We built our workouts for in your home or at the gym!

Contact us to discuss GoTRIBE Corporate Wellness for your company.

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